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Our sustainable materials are made from waste products that would normally be discarded, and our processes significantly reduce water and eliminate toxic chemicals commonly used in textile manufacturing. 



Eco-Finishing uses a nanocellulose technology that significantly reduces and eliminates water and chemicals used in textile finishing and functional coating processes.


With only a fraction of the water, nanocellulose-based finishing achieved comparable performance compared to conventional finishing and coating methods.


This unique method reduces time- and energy-consuming steps involved with traditional finishing and provides an environmentally friendly finishing process by eliminating any toxic chemicals.

Image by MUILLU


Our innovative plant-based fibers are made from abundant and renewable resources.

Creating fibers and yarns from natural and biodegradable materials allows for less waste, pollution, and energy use.


We designed a cradle-to-cradle system and developed sustainable and compostable leather-like materials with added functional properties such as anti-microbial and flame-retardant.  

In this process, we eliminated the use of toxic chemicals normally used in leather production, including synthetic and vegan leathers.

Sustainable Leather Alternative-6_edited
We are transforming natural, renewable resources into fibers, dyes, and leather alternatives with the potential to biodegrade in a fully 
circular process.
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